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Practical Web Scraping for Data Science

Best Practices and Examples with Python

Authors: Seppe vanden BrouckeBart Baesens
Publisher: Apress
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Get Started with Web Scraping using Python!

Congratulations! By picking up this book, you've set the first steps into the exciting world of web scraping. For those who are not familiar with programming or the deeper workings of the web, web scraping often looks like a black art: the ability to write a program that sets off on its own to explore the Internet and collect data is seen as a magical and exciting ability to possess. In this book, we set out to provide a concise and modern guide to web scraping, using Python as our programming language, without glossing over important details or best practices. In addition, this book is written with a data science audience in mind. We're data scientists ourselves, and have very often found web scraping to be a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, as many data science projects start with the first step of obtaining an appropriate data set, so why not utilize the treasure trove of information the web provides.

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