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Prof. dr. Stefan Lessmann

Professor at Humboldt-University of Berlin

Professor Stefan Lessmann received a diploma in business administration and a PhD from the University of Hamburg in 2002 and 2007, respectively. He worked as a senior lecture in business informatics at the Institute of Information Systems of the University of Hamburg. Since 2008, Stefan is a guest lecturer at the School of Management of the University of Southampton, where he gives under- and postgraduate courses on quantitative methods, electronic business, and web application development.

Stefan completed his habilitation on decision analysis and support using ensemble forecasting models in 2012. He then joined the Humboldt-University of Berlin in 2014, where he heads the Chair of Information Systems at the School of Business and Economics. Since 2015, he serves as associate editor for the International Journal of Business Analytics, Digital Finance, and the decision analytics department of Business and Information System Engineering (BISE). Stefan secured substantial amounts of research funding and published several papers in leading international journals and conferences, including the European Journal of Operational Research, the IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering, and the International Conference on Information Systems. Stefan’s research concerns the support of managerial decision-making using quantitative empirical methods. He specializes on applications of (deep) machine learning techniques in the broad scope of marketing and risk analytics. He actively participates in knowledge transfer and consulting projects with industry partners; from start-up companies to global players and not-for-profit organizations.